Topics: Static analysis and Bit instructions

Once again, the changes that landed during the week are not substantial, and more like little steps forward, slowly but steadily moving the VM further ahead, pushing it to a shape resembling something useful.

This week also marks a milestone for Viua as it earned CII Best Practices "Passing" badge, and run without bugs under Clang static analyser.

Static analysis

Clang static analyser did not found any bugs in Viua VM code. This result gives greater confidence than before that Viua is solid and reliable.

Next goal is to run warning-free under TSan but it is a bit tricky. If you can help out with making Viua TSan-clear it would be a great opportunity to contribute!


For some, unknown to me, reason Coverity finds only 2% of object files emitted during Viua build. So no Coverity for Viua.

Bit instructions

Bit instructions are being implemented on issue/177/5534fb2a/implement-bit-manipulation-instructions branch. New instructions include shifs, rotates, and single bit access to bit strings.

Bit strings are also intended to support fixed-width integer arithmetic, but instructions for this purpose will be devised at a later time. Probably next week.