Topics: Documentation effort continues and PDF version

Once again, not much happened except for new documentation being written.

Documentation effort continues

Documentation for Viua VM has been expanded by quite a few new chapters in the last week. The document has also been renamed to "Viua VM manual".

Among the new instructions that were documented are process, join (both for concurrency), function (create a function ref), call, pamv (pass a parameter by move), param (pass a parameter by copy), return, frame (construct a call frame), arg (obtain passed argument), and import.

The manual is now in an overall better shape as more references are now being used in text; especially the HTML version is now much more usable as the refs allow the reader to jump from one interesting section to the next.

Future content

The manual now also includes two sections that are just stubs to be be expanded in the future, but are tremendously important - the environment (that the VM provides), and the standard library.

The first one will describe the environment in which the programs running on Viua VM are executed; this includes program organisation, description of available error handling techniques, how concurrency is realised in the VM, etc.

The second will describe the standard library supplied with the VM (which so far is of poor quality, and extremely limited usefulness).

PDF version

A PDF version has been made available to accompany the HTML and plaintext versions.