Topics: Work on static analyser and Closure instantiation analysis

Development of the "new static analyser" is coming to an end. It should be finished in a few more weeks. Old SA will be then removed from the codebase.

Updated new SA is available on the devel branch, behind --new-sa flag.

Work on static analyser

New SA is nearly finished. What is left are instructions for user defined types, and branches. After the new SA is ready, old one will be removed from the codebase, and test suite will be updated to new errors.

Some programs written for Viua may stop compiling because of the increased scrutiny they will be subjected to. The errors should not be hard to fix, given traces and explanations provided by the SA.

Closure instantiation analysis

SA now checks closure instantiation. This allows for checking if the registers a closure assumes were captured actually are, and if they are of a correct type.